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Mexico - diversity part 1

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Welcome to Puerto Escondido

Initially I wasn't meant to be in Mexico, but somehow the universe had it planned for me. After some financial worries of not having enough to end the year traveling around, I decided to go to a cheap destination - well, cheap after Tahiti.

I remember walking through the streets of Tahiti with the goal to go check out the big market in the center and talking to Valentina through WhatsApp. Vale, a warm- hearted, creative and talented sweet girl with roots from Switzerland and Argentina. She called Playa del Carmen for many years her home. She was the one recommending me Mexico and making me wanna go there and book an Expedition in Baja California.

I also knew my goal was to do the Freediving Instructor Course before 2022 ended and there was one school recommending it. I had a friend which told me not to go with it, because it was not the vibe I was looking for. Anyways I told myself "You know what? Whatever happens, I won't take it personally and just focus on my career and keep going on without anyone disturbing my energy."

16th October of 2022 - Brisas de Zicatela en Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Many flights later and a four hours check-in at the airport of French Polynesia (other story), I finally arrived at my new cute little Airbnb in Puerto Escondido. It's famous for surfers which come for it's 'Mexican Pipeline' from all over the world. It's a small hippie town and for me the vibe was like an Tulum but mixed with a surfer chill vibe. What do to there? Getting to know people, surf, going out at night, eating in fancy but still affordable Restaurant and just enjoying the beach during the day.

Check- in at my new place. A young surfer opens me the door and kind of shows me where to stay, well I think he was still 40% asleep - I had to grin a little bit. It was a big house with three floors, including a rooftop. The owners were two brothers and professional surfers and lived in the basement with their dog 'Koda' and two cats. The second floor had three big rooms and one dorm with two beds and there was also another floor with a basic still in construction Rooftop but amazing view. In the middle of everything there was a big open space with a kitchen, a huge wood table, some plants, and a cozy living room with a white hammock. The vibe was very mixed, from Spain to Ibiza to Mexican vibes. I liked it a lot and what I liked even more, is that I was the only one renting the space. So a dorm for myself and also the living room and kitchen. I was happy where I've arrived, it looked like a place to settle down and relax. Packing out, groceries, check out the town with my scooter and returning back to my whole floor for myself to relax.

Day 2

Surfing vibes alert! After not being able to surf in French Polynesia, because of the surf racks not being allowed on the scooters and also the too big waves crushing on a reef, I was more than happy to finally get some surfing in. The day was insane, this place is insane. Back to barefoot and scooter vibes, like in Bali.

The next days I was very productive and could get a lot done with the growth of social media, plus the school I was attending - International A-Levels. In between some homemade meals, eating out at the market of Zicatella (Mercado de Zicatela) and meeting new people, which turned into friends.

22nd of October - MXP Warriors

(an international surf contest in honor of the surf athlete Oscar Moncada which died in 2017 on a car accident)

7am and I was ready with my tea and croissant sitting on the beach watching the happening. I love new adventures, new expeditions, new surroundings and new environments!

At first, I felt a little awkward because I didn't know one person, I had no idea what is going to happen and I didn't know the surfers, well I met one of them at the check-in ;). Sun rised and the waves got huge! Wow, what an achievement of a surfer to be out there and sometimes getting crushed by the power of the ocean. It was a nice welcoming feeling to this place, being in between so many locals and people having fun and to experience what they experience on a daily basis. Everyone was together, having food or coffee, standing up early and just watching nature happening and surfers getting along with it. Living in the present is what I call this. Very grateful.

And now, let the pictures talk.


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