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Viva Mexico - Mexico City you look good on me

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Wow. I can feel life hitting on me pretty strong. I feel alive, I feel grateful, I feel aligned, I feel my peace. Listening to "Calm Down - Rema", over and over again. In between I listened to "Lying Together - FKJ" over and over again as well. It's just the vibe. My heart is full, my mind is awake and my energy sparkles everywhere and always. Angel guard alive and lucky emotions, joy and love coming towards me. What has life for me? What else! I am so happy!

Just sitting in my box in Mexico City in "el Centro" in the clean and organized fancy (hipster?) Hostel named "Hostel Barrio Downtown Mexico City". Didn't expect a place like that. I have this cute box, there is a bed, a tiny closet and a door to lock. A tiny little freaking cute tiny house? lol, a lot of "tinies". Today was such a peaceful day, but let me start from the beginning. I arrived yesterday.

29.10.2022. The birthday of my lovely one year old godson. He is lovely, blond and blue eyes and the cutest smile and look ever. He recognizes me through Facetime, I am pretty sure he gives me this smile. His first birthday and I am not there. For sure feeling a little something that maybe I should be there? But you know what, one day I will tell him about my adventure traveling the world and I will be able to give him all my love from the healed bottom of my heart and on top of that so much knowledge about traveling. Maybe we will travel together? Going on adventures? So excited! Jaro mi amorcito, soon we will get to know each other on a deeper level, soon we will sparkle our energies and share moments. I hope you can learn from me, I hope I can teach you about life and just trusting the universe and be aware of signs and energies.

4.30pm, arrival at Mexico City Airport. Getting my Surfboard, having a Facetime call with a special person I met two days ago. What it is? I am not sure, but my heart is full.

Storage luggage and loading my SIM card to be prepared to get Uber and explore the city safely. Quick shopping for new earrings (5min), and then off to Terminal 4, where the Uber Driver should arrive, direction to Hostel Barrio in Downtown. WOW, this energy! I hear music, I see a lot of people, I feel the vibe. Mexico City vibe? Instantly taking a video, me in it, with a big smile on my face. New adventure, new me; I feel alive.

Check-in, at the hostel and organizing my things in my lovely box. No more batterie on my phone, but I want to go out checking the parade for "Los Dias de los Muertos". So I just leave it at home. "Should I get my GoPro? Hmmm not sure, I don't know how safe it is yet", so I just get my wallet and the room key. Wallet safely hidden in my pants, literally IN my pants.

Walking and remembering the streets I am taking as I don't have any google maps. Remember, no phone. Looking for vegan food. Tacos with meat I see, burgers with cheese and much more, but nothing vegan. Further down the street I see a fruit cart. I buy grapes and blackberries, yum. Then I pass by a Thai Restaurant, which looks pretty full. I get a take-away box for 165 Pesos Mexicanos, CHF 8.- and it was huge. Walked down the street and remembering passing 4 blocks and taking one left.

I see people. A lot. Everyone is waiting for the parade, I heard since an hour or longer. A foreigner photographer climbed up on a tree, ready to take pictures, children climbed up the bars on the buildings and many beautiful painted faces, suitable to the "Dia de los Muertos". I find a chair in front of a coffee to eat my menu and having a little chat with an older lady, which was so light and lovely.

The paradise starts, people screaming, singing and putting their phone up to record it all, I even see children climbing up on their dad's shoulders to see it all. Wow, these costumes! This vibe! Definitely louder and happier than Switzerland's Carnaval, everyone is just excited. I wanted to share! So I run back to the Hostel, let my leftover menu and the grapes in my box, grabbed my phone and run back. I call him, to share. Facetime, he needs to see where I am, he needs to be there with me. I am laughing out loud, screaming, singing, dancing in between strangers. Nobody cares and I just feel alive. what an experience. I feel part of it, I forgot that I am a tourist. Big event.

Words of the day: Sing, dance and enjoy life!

Day two.

I slept great, a little dream but no longer bad. Waking up at 6.30 am in my box, feeling safe and sort of in my tiny home. What should I do today? I feel tired and cold. Spa it is!

After a nice breakfast on the second floor in the open spaced restaurant - as usual; oats, linseeds, chia seeds, fruits, shredded coconut and pb. Yum!

Laundry day it is as well. A lot of them are closed on Sunday so I pick one a bit further away, but close enough to walk. I checked the dangerous areas before and it's not in there. But still as I walk, I feel a vibe. It's not danger, but still I need to be aware. I have my small black waistpack with me, on me, zip in my field of vision. Walk walk walk, till I get to see the Laundry spot. Instantly taking out my phone to already order the Uber. I don't want to wait here too long or not move around, it is a way too quiet area. As I drop off my Laundry, there are two English-speaking guys passing me, which gives me a safer feeling. At least some foreigners around.

Canceled the Uber as I got to the Main Street and saw that I can easily walk a bit to have some movements, till the next weird street appears. Ok, Uber it is, bring me to Remède a lovely Spa place, I was hoping. Wow, we arrive at a huge Hotel area Entrance. Expensive cars, door guards and I see money everywhere. I pass the entrance - big sitting area, huge chandelier in the middle of the room. Someone accompanies me to the 15th floor, where the Spa is located. Appointment set; Sauna entrance and a 60 minutes facial treatment. I need that. I need to reset.

And I can tell you, it was definitely worth it. I moved the facial treatment to 3.15pm, to have more time in the Spa and to get at least 3 rounds of Sauna in. 15 minutes Sauna, cold shower, hot tea and a little nap on the couch. Repeat.

The facial treatment was an absolutely success, learned a lot and my skin is glowing! Bought a face cream as my run out and I really have to take care of my face skin. Appointment set for Saturday, the day before I leave. Total cost is CHF 135.-, for usage of sauna, steam sauna, showers and then a treatment.

Words of the day; Me-time and Reset. Be aware of your body's and skin's health.

Being healthy is a freaking great feeling!


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