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Freedive Instructor

Growing up next to the lake in Switzerland made me feel home in and close to water. Since I was a kid, I have always felt so free in the water and it was never something I felt scared off. Whether it was in swimming classes every Saturday, or our family spending the summers in Spain, I knew the water was where I felt at home. Becoming older, I bought a Standup Paddle, would go out on the lake before work to watch the Sunrise and enjoy my prepaired oat meal and my coffee in my thermos. Sometimes I would even go out just to feel this peace water gives me and I would find myself falling asleep on my Standup Paddle - of course attached to a buoy. 

It wasn’t until my travels around the world in 2022 brought me into the Freediving community. It felt so natural and familiar to me. I started my dives and I did every level until becoming an SSI Freediving instructor which was an incredibly enjoyable journey. The whole time I was just thinking „Wow, what an amazing feeling. I could really do this for the rest of my life !“  


The stillness under the water and moving with the current, the line, the animals is absolutely serene. What is absolutely one of my favorite aspects of Freediving is how the water is a mirror into your thoughts and feelings, before you go down you must be at peace with everything else in your life and have only good energy in your mind and body. This routine in cleansing your mind and body, I think could help so many people in the world, to let go of so much and just be present with your breath.

I look forward to helping you explore this beautiful, watery world we live in. 



  • Scuba open water certification 2021 - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

  • Freediving 1 (PADI) in Zurich, Switzerland

  • Freediving Level 2 (Molchanovs) in Bali, Indonesia

  • Freediving Level 3 (Molchanovs) in Bali, Indonesia

  • Freediving Instructor (Level 1) in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

  • Swimming experience (being close to water my whole life)

  • Freediving Instructor for DeepWeeks all over the World (

  • Instructor Crossover to Molchanovs in Bali, Indonesia in 2024

Personal Trainer

Since my teenage years I loved it to cook. Cooking classes and sport activities where by far my favorite topics in school. I would learn about food and how to prepare food in school, go to the groceries and try it my own at home. Being in the kitchen and creating healthy meals with my hands gives me such peace, it feels like in a meditative flow. I was the one member in the family which cooked new meals, tried new healthy versions of cakes for birthdays and surprised family and friends. Till the day of today my whole family appears in the kitchen when they just smell that I started to cook and are ready to eat. 

Since a little Kid I also did sport all the time. It started with Ballett, Horse Riding, Volleyball where I competed in, more dancing like HipHop, Flamengo and Latein Dance. In my teenage years I started to be a part of the Athletic Team in Lucerne. Sadly the responsibilities to have a job and earn money on the "normal" way started to hit and I had to leave these sport activities. But Sport and Movement always accompanied me and it's a part of me. 

When I realized that the internet was not serving me with enough science-based information about sport and nutrition I attempted to start an education as a Fitness Trainer. Friends and People getting to know me always asked me how to train and achieve a certain body type, so I thought why not just do it my profession? I then made my education up to Personal Trainer, where I help and support people to reach their goals on a healthy path. 

There are so many little things we can change in our daily routine whether it's nutrition or movement to become healthier. And I am not only talking about getting a certain body type, I am talking about having a spectacular sleep and rest where you start your day jumping out of bed, having a clear young looking skin, a functioning digestive system, no bloating or water storage, a clear memory and concentration, feeling energetic in life, having a good functioning immune system, a strong body for daily tasks. You don't have help to carry things from one to the other place? No Problem, make it your own. A big part is also preventing injuries and having a balanced life where you can let your power out. 

Do yo want to know more about Superfoods and the benefits you can get from them? Or do you just want to know what tips for you to cook healthy nutritious meals and how to change little habits to become a healthier human on a daily basis?


What I can offer:

Bespoke nutritional plan taylored for each individual

Individual trainings plan (once or guided through a certain time)



  • Fitness Betreuer (SAFS) Zürich, Switzerland

  • Fitness Trainer (SAFS) Zürich, Switzerland

  • Personal Trainer (Sportlerei Akademie) Germany

  • Coaching experience 1:1 (in person and online)

  • Outdoor group trainings (Silvio Amstalden Lifestyle) Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Being passionate with food and movement my whole life

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