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Thoughts of a Woman in a Man's World

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

“That’s how we are – you don’t understand.”

“We talk like this.”

“That was just a joke – you took it personally?”

I can’t explain how disgusted I am by hearing man jokes about approaching women or anything else, I don’t want to mention here. I can’t even repeat what I have heard during my travels, because I feel so ashamed. Ashamed for others. Ashamed where the society has gone or still is? Is this how and where men see us? Female energy treated like objects, like useless creatures. I know there are some men in the world who treat women like angels, who treated me like an angel and I appreciate the love we get from them, still the majority goes to the opposite direction. This is just what I have experienced. Some might have experienced the total opposite and that is okey. It doesn't hurt me anymore, I would just like to point it out - now that I have a platform where I can express my thoughts into words.

Wouldn’t make it a huge difference if only one man would stop go with the crowd and show his male friends how women should be treated? Living as a good example? Not doing disgusting jokes about women? What energy should go into the heads and thoughts in the man world towards a woman? Is this why there is violence, why there is inequality in treating woman vs. man?

Emotions aside. What I saw a lot during my travels is, that many times I wasn't seen as an own individual, as an independent woman. People would always put me to a side of a man. In the Restaurant if I would go eat with friends, they supposed that the guy next to me was my boyfriend and they would ask him what I would want to get for dinner. “Where are you from?” they would ask the guy next to me and suppose I am from the same country. “Oh, you have two scooters?” my reply “well, we are two people.”, would ask someone who sees me and a guy starting our scooters. The most ridiculous experience I had in a Hostel in La Paz, Baja California. I arrived in front of the Gate of the Hostel, where a guy from France was waiting in front. I went out of my Uber and talked to him. Apparently, no one was opening the Gate for him to enter and do the check-in. Well, then I waited as well and tried to reach the Hostel owner. When they finally opened the Gate and let us in, I knew it was starting weird already, but I had no clue what was going on in the head of the guy, the staff of the Hostel. “Hmm, that’s weird”, were my thought as I noticed he was just explaining things to the French guy and not once looking towards my direction to “see me”. I continued asking questions and the situation got even more weird, because the staff was not explaining me things properly. I didn’t think further and when the “introduction” was made, I started to talk to some people which were sitting right next to us, in the common area. I sat next to them, and we had a pretty nice conversation. I saw the staff handing a key to the French guy. I thought I would get mine pretty soon and kept waiting. After half an hour to an hour, I started to question the whole situation so I stood up and asked the staff if he has a key for me as well and if he can explain me, where I would sleep? His face literally turned red like a tomato. “Omg, I thought you are a couple, are you not with the guy?” I go like “ehm, why should I?”. Well, then MY check-in started.

Crazy right?

So much work to do, so much to teach and day by day I see even more. I see why women are fighting, why they get frustrated and why we are seen as strong individuals.

If they would only see us differently – if they would see our strengths, our beauty and our love - and would especially the last one not mix it up with weakness.


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